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If you're considering water underfloor heating, make sure you know how it works and if it's the best fit for your home.

Under Floor Heating

A water based underfloor heating system can sit beneath pretty much any type of flooring, including stone, tile, wooden or even carpeted surfaces. But unlike electric underfloor heating, water underfloor heating is more complicated to install.

Imagine the warm feeling of underfloor heating on your feet. Not just limited to the bathroom, with the professional help of Ashurst Plumbing and Heating we can install a system throughout the home, in rooms of your choice. With a variety of options available, our expert team can discuss what's best for your home. Benefits such as taking away the need for wall mounted radiators and the fact that you can control the warmth of the heating room by room, make underfloor heating an attractive choice. It can be installed under stone, laminate, hardwood, carpet, linoleum and once fitted by our qualified team there will be no maintenance costs to follow. Plus it can save between 15-30% in wasted energy.

There are two types of underfloor heating systems that can be installed. A wet system which pumps warm water through underfloor pipes, or a dry system which uses electric coils. We understand that the thought of taking up your flooring can be a daunting process. But our efficient and professional team will ensure that there will be little disruption, so that you can enjoy your new underfloor heating system as soon as possible.

Installing water underfloor heating should ideally be fitted by a professional. This is because it's a more complex process with plumbing connections and tests that need to be carried out. Underfloor water heating works by connecting pipes laid under the floor to a manifold (essentially a central system to connect pipes together) and then to your heating system.

Ashurst Plumbing and Heating in Skelmersdale have trained engineers who love the challenge of fitting the perfect heating system for you and your house. Contact us so we can explain the process and the costing to you before you get started.

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