We take hot water and heating for granted, but if our boiler breaks down we realise just how essential it is.

Regular annual servicing of your boiler helps maintain all the components and means it will be running at maximum efficiency, keeping energy bills down. A regularly serviced boiler is much less likely to break down.

Not only is it just less likely to break down, a regular service and clean means your boiler is likely to last longer before needing to be replaced. A well maintained boiler should last 10 – 15 years.

Some boiler warranties specify that you must get it serviced every 12 months, so don’t put it off if you know yours is due for a service.

When servicing your boiler we will inspect and test all of the components and replace any parts that are no longer working correctly. We will make sure everything is clean and free from dust and debris.

If you are interested in a boiler service and reside within the Skelmersdale area contact us today.